Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hump On; ep. #1


I am not sure if you have ever noticed, but "So," is how I like to start any conversation. Or any writing assignment. It is part of my little ritual. But it reads as annoying. This will be my last "So,". If I forget, you must call me on it and my inherent laziness.

Happy Humpday, everybody. Wednesdays usually are there to give you hope. Light at the end of the cubicle tunnel. I am not a fan. That light just illustrates all of the work I need to do before Friday at 5pm. And of course, Year End? So. Much. Work.

But this weekend looks to a fun-filled 2 days. Got girlies all weekend and, although nothing is planned, except maybe a sleepever, I am so happy.

Sadly, even though I have all that to look forward to, I need to distract myself from today.

I am implementing a Shout Out of a few things that I think are beyond awesome. Something that gets me through THIS day.

One of my favorite sites ever, is

I probably have a few dozen of their shirts. I love them like a fat kid loves cake.

They have the best zombie shirts:

The best snarky comment shirts:

The best optical illusion shirts:

The best re-tard gift shirts:

Even the best X-mas shirts:

And this is what I wanna be for Halloween this year:

Aren't they beautiful?

And so eclectic. I dare someone to not find a shirt they love.

Oh! And they fit. Not like a box, not like retarded small sizes only anorexic teans can wear. But like a flattering shirt should fit. Yay!

So, go there, buy alot. And if we end up with any of the same shirts, I promise to send you a complimentary hand gesture.


  1. So, I went there and that is a way cool site. I think I'm going to submit a design for sure.

    P.S. I start all my stuff with SO as well.

  2. See? Awesomeness.

    If you do, PLEASE let me know if it gets accepted. I would pee.