Monday, May 24, 2010

Post(my what!?)Secret

This is always a fun exercise for those of use that stink at creating artistic... anythings. At postsecret, people make these postcards that have a secret on it. And every week, Frank, posts 20 of them. There are also books and appearances.

Back when Myspace was cool, every week I used to post about which of the secrets really resonated with me. When I looked today, there were 2 that struck a chord.

No. I do not shoplift. But I have noticed since the start of my first pregnancy, that most people didn't see me. To this day, I can do some pretty atrocious stuff, pull some fantastically large pranks and most people won't look my way. I think of it as part of my ninja training. Pretty soon my bid to be the world's greatest assassin will be complete.

Every tunnel I got thru has me holding my breath. And making a wish. And so far? Most of those wishes have come true. I also make a wish at 11:11 and 12:34. This is probably how I will die. I will try for one last wish when I am 117 and die from lack of oxygen.

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