Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pregaming for a daily blog

So, I used to blog. ALOT. It was my form of group therapy when my marriage tanked and thru the ensuing divorce. I talked about anything, posted funny pictures, opinions about Postsecret, shared...everything.

And it has now been almost 2 years, and I realize I miss that expression. The thought and planning that went into producing evocative written words. And SO much has happened in that time! I went from being fired, almost homeless to now having a brilliant job and owning a home.

My daughters are still the light of my life.

The Polly Pocket Shoe Girl has been to the emergency room at least 3 times in the last year. Necessitating me to get 'special' accident insurance to see if I can somehow profit off of her injury-inducing tendencies.

And the Bee Girl surprises me daily on her innovation and growth. This year will see me getting ready for the BIG TALK as she will enter Jr High in September.

As for the dating pool - I find this town is very small, and I overfish the pond every 6 weeks or so. And then wait patiently and it is restocked. (Why is 'Barracuda running thru my head?)

I have a half dozen amazing friends that make everyday a joy. And provide me with harassment fodder. I am sure you will see that in the days to come.

So, hello again. I look forward to mentally vomiting all over you.


  1. First.


    Looking forward to the mental vomit. I kinda miss that too.

  2. Congrats on the first "First" of all my firsts.

    Now don't ever do it again.