Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Ugly Truth; also known as The End of An Era

I am assuming everyone has heard. *sigh*

"Scientists" have proven that the G-spot doesn't exist. Oh woes me! Now I will never reach ultimate fulfillment. Boo-freaking-hoo.

You know what I am really sad about? They discovered our secret. Ruined it for women everywhere. I can guarantee you, most sexually enlightened women KNEW there was no G-spot. We actually were the ones that made it up. Actually. Our moms made it up, and we perpetuated it. It was the best laid propaganda of the last few decades.

What better way to make a man spend a longer time on our sensitive areas, then to tell him there is this "spot" that will make me go crazy! You just need to find it.


"Take your time. Trust me, baby, it's there. Oh! Yes! You are not quite there yet, but you are definitely getting closer. Just don't give up. Don't stop."


Guys even thought that THEY had a G-spot. Theirs actually made more sense. But I sure as hell wasn't going THERE to look for it. Uh uh.


So scientists took away mammograms, and now this. I hate Science right now.

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