Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hump On! ep. #2

It is Wed-nes-day again.

And there is one thing I look forward to almost as much as Postsecret on Monday morning.

Miss Banshee's Bachelor Recap.

I swear I see this article on and MUST. READ. IT.

Miss Banshee's insight into the Bach and his ladies are so snarkily fabulous.

Here are a few lines and just frigging rock:

"It's like a "foreign country" to Jake. Yes, dippy, that's why they dubbed it "CHINATOWN." Dipshit."

"Dios mio, don't drink every time Jake brings up Tenley's divorce, guys. You'll be in ICU by the third commercial."

"YES. Home visits are the best, especially when the chicks' families are better suited for "Cops" or "Intervention." Next week is going to rule."

Hell, she even snarks commercials:

"Commercials. Buy your girlfriend a diamond engagement ring or she'll never give you oral sex."

Seriously, when there is a week when it isn't a new epi? I kinda die inside a little. And when this season is over? I will sob. Loudly. And hope Miss Banshee picks another reality show I don't watch to rip to shreds. Hell, I'd be happy if she chose Dexter and mutilated it. I'd still love her, but would start to non-judgementally talk about her behind her back. Just a little.

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