Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wait a minute? When did I lose 20 years and become 14 again?

You know those moments when something blindsides you and blows your insides out? Left field and then BOOM! Where are my guts?

I had a moment like that this weekend. It wasn't pretty nor productive. I actually reverted back to High School frame of mind where all I wanted to do was call the boy who blindsided me... and hang up. Like 50 times. I didn't, thankfully. I kept control of myself, but just barely.

It still amazes me that being in my 30's, I have still have these moments.

Like, will I be 50 and do this too?

*SIGH* I know it will never end.

At 75, I'll be the hottest Betty in the retirement home, and still act like this over a man. Do some light stalking. Ask the nurse if it looked like he'd be coming to the dining room this evening. While he's playing solitaire with himself, or gin rummy with his buddies, I will sit at an adjoining table and fantasize about him. Ogle his 3 hairs and new dentures. All the time hoping that my blue hair is combed and my bright-assed red slipper lipstick isn't on my falsies.

And you know what?



  1. Amen, sister! Had my own little "light stalking" moment last night with the hottest guy in my grad program. Luckily my girls were there to talk me most of the way down and pour some wine down my throat! But when I got home, I found his facebook profile and drooled on his pic... It's pretty hopeless. Good luck to you!

  2. I'm over it. Flash in the pan and all that. I just hate reverting back to a Jr High mindset. I'm an adult dammit!