Friday, May 7, 2010


I have issues with depression. I believe most people do to some extent. Mine is pretty much directly related to the weather.

Most of the time, the dance I have with depression is like one of those cotillion sets that involve alot of hands touching, but your partner is never allowed to get closer for proprietary reasons. Except during the month of April. For some reason that's when I find myself dirty dancing with it. I have an intimate love affair based in the constantly changing dance of snow and sun.

The sun's warmth gives me a boost of strength to say goodbye to that fickle dance partner and allows me to just be happy twirling in circles by myself. The heat seeps in and fills me to bursting. The increase in my energy and happiness is tangible. I can honestly feel it.

So April has past, and May isn't as warm as I'd hope, but the sun is up by the time I open my eyes in the morning. And when I get home, it is still out to greet me. And the urge to dance by myself is strong. And I look onward at the encroaching summer with anticipation and excitement.



  2. Summer would be nice. Certainly get rid of that damn snow so you can wear sandals.

    Cheer up, J. Don't make me randomly drunk text you (cuz I'd have to start drinking).