Friday, May 14, 2010

What a week...

It has been a pretty normal week.

Last Saturday had me going to thrift stores looking for materials to complete my team's Chic Geek costumes. And as I was leaving the Salvation Army's parking lot, the donation truck decided to drive over me. No injuries, and they were cited, so the damage to my car is covered. But a pretty stressful hour and a half, followed by appraisers this week and schedule for repairs. After the accident, I ran in the Reno Runamuck with my friend, Sarah, my daughter, B and her friend, Maya. It is a 2.5 mile obstacle course. And we finished third...from last. I think because we followed the rules. Crazy, I know, I don't usually follow the rules.

Sunday was Mother's Day, and although I was supposed to stay in bed, I still needed to let the dogs out early. And answer a ton of questions like, "Where's the baking powder?" But I eventually got my breakfast and awesome mom gifts. After I ate the breakfast, I got up and cleaned the GIANT mess made from the girls cooking, and then made them breakfast. A few hours later, I saw them back to their dad's and I spent the rest of the day cleaning. I did have time for a small dinner and movie date, so that was a nice way to relax for the end of the week.

Monday thru today have just been busy with the regular weekly school and work stuff.

All in all, it has been a pretty normal week. And by normal, I mean on-the-verge-of-collapse hectic. It amazes me sometimes what I can accomplish as a single woman with 2 kids. And now that I have been single for almost 3 years and survived what I have so far, I know I am going to make it. Hell, not just make it, but rock it.

There is only one thing I lack.

The end of the day snuggle.

You know what I'm talking about. Everything is done, and you are climbing into bed, or out to the couch and watch a bit of TV or read, and you just want to sidle up and rest your head on a strong chest. Relax against him and maybe give a deep, relaxing sigh. A little time passes, and you debate on who's getting the night, or putting the pets out, or performing the last check on the kids before bed. The night switches off, and you get into your comfortable-for-sleeping positions. Sometime this time can lead to sex, but it comes right back to the closeness of resting together. These are the moments that save a marriage or a relationship. If these moments are there, it is the mortar to your already strong foundation. I do have snuggles, don't get me wrong. But two little girls that depend on me pressed to my side isn't always conducive to relaxation. Because I am providing the comfort.

These are the moments I miss the most in my new crazy life.

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