Monday, September 27, 2010


This curse word is flashburning it's way thru my life. I heard it first on Weeds. And it made me do one of the light nose snuffs kinda lame laugh. Then Ian used it in a post, and I mihgt have even chuckled. But it wasn't until I shared it with my coworkers last week, that it made be seriously laugh out loud. Nothing like have 2 of your girlfriends yell out, "THUNDERCUNT!" like is was one of their favorite WWE wrestler's name.

And I know the *C* word drives people insane, but not me.

I love all curse words.

Every Father's Day, when I call my dad, I wish him a "Happy Motherfucker's Day".
When I screw up at something, I'll say, "Fuck me sideways!"
If someone compliments me, I have to chant to myself, "Don't be a douche and say 'Thank you'".

I swear you would think I grew up with a dad who was a construction worker... Oh, wait...


So what's your fav expletive?

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