Tuesday, December 14, 2010

101 in 1001 - Status Update 12/14/10

3 and a half months. Wow. If I detailed it all out, this blog would be enormous. So bullet points it is:

5. Try a different Hair color - Done! I dyed part of my hair blue. It's a sickly greenish hue now, but still awesome

10.Volunteer 100 Hours - I am now a Girl Scout Troop leader. So far I've racked up 8 hours.

13.Donate Blood - About 2 months ago - about time to do it again.

22. Teach My daughters how to cook - Taught B how to fry an egg. She's scary around open flames. Going to stick with baking for now.

23 Spend 4 weekends in Fernley - Spent Thanksgiving there.

26. Attending 5 plays - Saw Kaeli in You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown.

29. Host 12 Dinner parties - Hosted Some Like it Hot Dogs - Got changed to Bullit Dogs.

30. Go to one local event a month - 9/10 Best in the West cook-off, 9/10 Nevada Museum of Art exhibit, 10/10 Italian Festival, 12/10 Santa Crawl

32. See Tiffany perform live - Done! Caught her back-up singing for Michael Bolton

33. Go to 25 Live sporting events - Saw the UNR Homecoming and UNR Boise game

38. Read up on current Tween stressors - Read Queen Bees and Wannabees - Eh.

40. Finish watching BSG - Done! Came on netflix - and powerhoused thru it - was as awesome as I had hoped.

41. Watch Classic Movies - Saw Bullit

45. Acquire my dream Le Crueset dutch oven - Done! Scored with 2, plus about 10 other items. Best x-mas gift ever.

59. Ride a Zipline - Done!

60. Snorkle tropical waters - Done!

73. Finish Unpacking - Done! But now? I find I have too much stuff - gonna start donating more.

87. Go on a cruise - Done!

94. Complete a No-Spend Month - Done! although it was actually like 60 days.

100. Change Banks - Done!

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