Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hot Baths

I love to soak in a hot bath. The hotter the water, and the more of my body I can submerge, the better. I do not use bubble bath, but if there is epson salt available, I love adding it in. Eucalyptus-scented is my favorite. I could spend hours in a tub of hot water.

And I have. When you grow up in a small place and have pretty much shared your room since you were 2, privacy (and silence) is hard to come by. So that bathroom was my bastion of peace. This did not garner any love from my dad, who would be pissed that I would be in there for hours. "Goddamn it, JAIMI!" I heard this alot actually.


Hot baths. In the winter, they are my savior. I think my internal thermometer is broken. But when it gets cold, and I'm anywhere near my menstral cycle, I get cold and it is almost impossible to warm up. Electric blankets help. I used to use snuggling as a way to absorb heat too. But these methods are slow. If you've been cold all day, and you're tired, when you get home a bath can saturate you with warmth in 10 minutes. It. Is. Heavenly.

So the temp has been dropping dramatically at night and, after having spent 10 days in 90 degree weather (Mexico Cruise, baby!), that cold is pretty much unbearable. So I think I am more clean this last week than I've been in ages because nearly every night has seen me monopolize the guest bath. It is kind of sad that my daughters have another bathroom to use, because hearing them yell, "Gosh Darn it, MAMA!" would make the bath that much more complete.

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