Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Bored


Something is missing. That sparks, that interest. Something.

Mostly, I feel it at work. The various tasks I do are non-challenging. Difficult, but uninteresting. I plod along. Dragging ass most days.

It is like there is a missing flavor. Life tastes bland. The missing flavor is no pride in my work.

This is dangerous time for me. I need to get myself back into action, because when I get like this, I end up making mistakes and that compounds my displeasure in these tasks causing a shitty snowball effect.

These times are what make me think I may have a disease, like ADD. Focusing right now is the most difficult task I could undertake.

Or to make it seem romantic - I think I will start telling people, I have ennui. A pretty french word pronounced 'ahn-wee'.

All I know is what I am feeling is not new. And I know I've gotten myself out of it before. And I will again, but at what price?

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