Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolution - 2010

Last year (I think it was last year) my resolution was to have more sex. Boy howdy, did I accomplish that! Phew.

But, as I reflect, it wasn't just the sex that was more last year. It was everything. More drinking, more exercising, more money, more traveling, more... everyting.

And then I realized again - it wasn't even just more. It was better! Better job, better friends, better marathons, better travels.

That's pretty kick ass. Last year was more better than 2008.

So that's my resolution this year.

More better.

...And to get a tattoo.


  1. I think I contributed a lot to your "more" you're welcome.

  2. I believe it was pretty mutual there, A.

    So, no, YOU'RE WELCOME.