Saturday, February 27, 2010

Addiction #8

It is the prelim to spring. Rain more than snow, brief days of 50 degree weather. The call to be on the company softball team. Thinking about buying bulbs. Glancing at swimsuits.

And little girls hocking cookies. Many little varieties of cookies, all clamoring to be eaten. I had a job trying to set appointments by walking door to door. And I used these little girls as a model for improving the job. Seriously the best door to door salepeople ever.


To score some of this really fabulous goodness you follow these 3 steps:

  1. You hand over some cash ($4 a box?! Damn inflation).
  2. You get cookies.
  3. You run to your car and eat a whole box before you even start the engine. Crying.

Last night I was having a blast munching on some Caramel Delights, drinking beer, and playing a new PS3 game. 3 Addictions in one! All in all, a nice Friday night for a single mom. Ok, actually kinda lame - shut up. But I can say that last night was a little better with every cookie I ate.

Until I ran out of cookies.


And the addiction begins...

pee ess - These addictions are effing up my swimsuit chances.


  1. I am having a heck of a time finding a darn girl scout to sell me cookies. However, since I've been out of commission due to my knee (again!?), it's probably for the best. But samoas/caramel delites are my FAVORITE!!!

  2. I LOVE cookies..and beer. But, I draw the line at video games. I will stick with my Lifetime or Biography channel (or better still, my books on CD)..Jesus, no WONDER people think I'm old. Bon Jovi RULES!