Wednesday, March 10, 2010

101 in 1001

So I read an interesting blog from Lauren in Texas. She is about as super cute as you can get. Especially at 24. Most 24 year olds I know, I just wanna throat punch. But not her. Although it could be just online that she's cool. Maybe in real life I'd throat punch her.


Her latest blog was a goals list. And once I started reading, I was inspired. And of course, I wanna do that too. Everyone always has these ideas in their head of "Someday". Just sitting down and having to think about 101 future goals that are actually doable, was a great exercise in self-reflection. Plus, with my current custody situation (50/50 of week on/ week off), having a plan is essential to getting anything done.

So here are my 101 in 1001.


Get into a size 8
Spend a day at the spa
Touch up tattoos
Get last tattoo
Try a different hair color
Take a pottery class
Wear false eyelashes
Get rid of all unnecessary clothes
Join a professional organization
Volunteer 100 hours
Donate to every charity that asks
Help train 2 people on Excel
Donate blood 4 times a year
Sew and USE an apron
Draft a living will
Get a passport

Send out 25 pieces of handwritten mail
Call my mom every month
Send out cards (gifts) for b-days - on time
Get a family picture
Have family dinner 6 times a month
Teach my daughters how to cook
Spend 4 weekends a year in Fernley
Get old time pics of daughters at Virginia City

Attend 5 Artown events
Attend 5 plays
Sing Karaoke in public
Go to the rib-cook off
Host 12 dinner parties
Go to one local event once a month
See Wicked on stage
See Tiffany perform live
Go to 25 live sporting events

Read 5 new authors
Blog weekly
Get a subscription to Cooking Light
Get a subscription to Sunset
Read up on current 'tween stressors

Movies/TV/Video games:
Complete Fallout 3
Finish watching BattleStar Galactica
Watch classic movies

Use food from my garden to cook one full meal
Make apricot jam from my tree
Attend 5 cooking classes
Acquire my dream Le Creuset French Oven
Cook 25 news recipes
Post 10 recipes on Tasty Kitchen
Make a latte as good as SB
Learn how to make gazpacho
Use 10 new vegetables
Use fondant to decorate a cake AND have it look professional
Create system to use reuseable shopping bags

Do the 30 Day Shred for a full 30 days
Go to the gym at least 6 times a month
Go hiking 5 times
Get under 3 hours in a 1/2 marathon
Go snowboarding
Get up on a wakeboard
Ride a zipline
Snorkle in tropical waters
Go scuba diving twice
Ride a horse
Play 18 holes of golf
Break 120 bowling

Replace the flooring
Paint master bedroom
Closet Organizers in every room
Replace Hardware in kitchen
Use my garage for my car
Paint living room & hallway
Complete the entryway with furniture
Finish hanging everything in the house
Outfit house with carbon monoxide detectors
Hook my TV up to the internet via laptop
Set up scanner and scan pics

Plant bulbs
Finish Shed
Pull out shrubs
Put up a clothesline
Learn the sprinkler system
Shovel my neighbors drives (5)
Set up a firepit

Take a train trip
Go camping 5 times
Go on a Girl's Wine weekend
Go on a cruise
Drive across the US
Go to Nevada City
Take a motorcycle trip
Get my dad's sandrail up Comp Hill
Go to Sundance Film Festival
Go to Horrorfest

Complete a No-Spend month
Pay off credit cards
Pay off van
Buy a set of quads
Buy a gun
Get something for my car to integrate my iPod better.
Change Banks
set up regualr contributions to my Roth IRA

The time starts now and ends 12/5/2012.

I figure it is great timing too, since the world ends 12/12/12.


  1. You're buying quadruplets? Wow, are you ambitious!! ;-)


  2. Yes! I need the 4 extra people just to clean my house.


  3. Hmmm... I need people to clean my place, too! I may have to borrow them.


  4. I like your goals. Did it take a while to come up with them? It would probably take me 101 days to come up with 101 goals! You've got me thinking...

  5. It took about 4 hours. And I mined other people's 101 lists when I got stuck.

    You should do it - it is good just to get them on paper.