Monday, March 15, 2010

Shit I have On My Brain

I am so not kidding when I say I think I have Adult ADD. So many thoughts, so little time. Last night was a perfect example. I was watching TV on my laptop, playing on facebook, chatting with Landon, and surfing for swimsuits. All. At. The. Same. Time. And this is normal for me.

When I am at work, I often have 12 things open at once. (Not an exaggeration - I just counted.)

All this to keep my active ginormous noggin busy. I say ginormous, because I have a giant head. I wouldn't say I am conceited, or have a larger brain than others, just that my cranium is Huuuge. If I had red hair?

"It'd be an orange on a toothpick."
"It'd be a virtual planetoid."
"It'd be like Sputnik."

But I digress.

This weekend saw me and the girlies at Blind Onion for lunch (Seriously? The. Best. Pizza. Evah.) And I met Dean, the owner. It was an odd opportunity to find the place empty besides us 4 girls and the head cheese grater. We chatted for a good 45 mins. And if you have spent anytime with me, you'll have noticed that if I get near a good conversationalist, I get kinda amped up. The quips come in a furious onslaught. And poor Dean, was the recipient. He held his own, and I was suitably impressed. Although I kept expecting him to ask me to please quit interrupting. All in all, a really good meal. And a great new contact. Networking is key for any and all successes in life. Bonus? He sent me home with a free pizza. And I gave the girls' and my leftovers to a homeless man. Who didn't at all smell like pee, so double bonus.


Wait, where was I?

Oh yeah, AADD.

So today, my mind has been extra twitchy. Time change, no breakfast, anticipation of a warm week? Any of these could be a valid reason. And I have to do actual accounting work today. Journal entries and such. I so much prefer analyzing. Getting to the 'why' and/or finding a way to get to the 'why' faster with less errors. Sadly, the regular stuff doesn't take that long. Sometimes running the report takes longer than the actual task. So I try to run 2-3 reports simutaneously and complete the tasks one right after the other. It is like juggling. If you were juggling train station schedules but the trains had no set schedule. Needless to say, it is easy to get distracted.

Also today, I am back to eating healthy. I am in a weight loss competiton with 3 other coworkers. You can follow one of my coworkers here. Last week, I was the big winner, with a whopping 9.4 lb drop. This dramatic drop was partially attributed to healthy eating, but also because the night before the initial weigh-in, I pretty much drank a whole pitcher of margaritas from a glass that would be re-salted periodically. Can we say massive water retention? So these next few weeks will more reasonable. I think I am on the right track though. I mean I had lost 7lbs from Friday to Monday. So from Tues thru Friday, I lost over 2lbs. And this just from watching my food intake - and making the little amount of food I am eating, as healthy as possible.

And for me, healthy eating means no snacking. And for an AADDict, constantly moving in some way is required for sanity purposes. So I chew gum. ALOT of gum. *snap* *snap* *snap* Drives people crazy. But better than me going crazy. And being all twitchy. Hard to convince someone you are a serious, productive cog in the work machine if you twitch. Just sayin'.

Another key to my success? Logging all my food and exercise on my handy-dandy... notebook! And by notebook, I mean an app on my iPhone. Seriously, how did I live before having this glorious tool? Hell, it even vibrates. *Le sigh*

Anyways, to abruptly end this incoherent tirade, I leave you with this:

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