Friday, February 12, 2010

Mine's Bigger Than Yours; 2010 Woman's Olympics

It is THE day.

The day where women fight tooth and nail using the most diabolical of weapons. Some women choose peace and eschew the bloodbath. Some woman cannot compete. Those that do, hope they can pull out on top. Can be the best in their category.

Today. Is. Valentine's Day.

And weapon? Flowers. The bigger, the more expensive, the earliest to get them - WINS.

This year has been especially hard on those competing. Because Valentine's day falls on a Sunday AND Monday is President's Day. So if you wanna make a stand, you have to get them Today! Bringing them in the Tuesday after isn't going to show as well as having them delivered at work in front of all of the other competing women 2 days prior. That means there was planning. And forethought. Two of the biggest complaints women have about their men.

This year we have three bouquets of roses on the floor. Each one bigger than the next. And the women, especially the married ones, who do not have flowers envy those women their status symbols of love.

I am lucky to have just started a relationship, and feel no need to explain that my boyfriend or husband is "planning" something for this weekend and of-course-he-loves-me-as-much-as-your-flowers-say-he-loves-you. It is way too early for that. I can breathe a sigh of relief.

But watching this year's Woman Olympics has been enjoyable. And seeing what will be provided for judging on Tuesday should allow this competition to last a full week. Personally, I'm pulling for the current leader who has a fireman BF that sent 12 of the biggest roses I have ever seen interspersed with 6 giant orchids. I explained to her how to make edible body paint to use on her valentine for a reward. Let's hope he is aptly rewarded.


  1. The worst part about this contest is I always end up missing the starter's pistol and then I'm standing there looking around wondering what happened.

  2. Are you sure someone isn't just shooting at you because you forgot V-Day AGAIN?