Wednesday, March 24, 2010

101 in 1001 Status Report 03/24/10

Let's bang this out.


11. Donate to every charity that asks - I contributed to my friend's Polar Bear Plunge. All in the hopes that I will never have to do it myself. If you are supporting a charlity, let me know. I will contribute.

13. Donate blood 4 times a year - Not only did I donate, but had 2 coworkers join me! And we got a free sandwich from Subway outta it. So sextuple Win. (Pervs)

17. Sent my parents a funny card with a huge Thank You for them pulling a Parental Favor. 24 more to go!

19. Send out cards (gifts) for b-days on-time - I haven't had to yet, but I did ask my side of the family for all of their important dates and those are now locked in my Outlook. Now, I just have to do Charlie's side... ugh.

21. Have family dinner 6 times a month - So far, this is a huge fail. I've done it once in 2 weeks. How hard is it to sit down and eat WITH your kids? Apparently super hard. Must. Keep. Trying.

30. Go to one local event a month - Celebrated Sarah's 31st b-day at the Reno Downtown wine walk. Was only going to be "out" for about 5 hours. Ended up to be "out" 24 hours. Lord, I need to curb my partying. Oh, and at the local gay bar, 5star, I got done up with glittery eyes. Which turned into allergic-reaction-red-swollen eyes of death Sunday thru most of Monday. I coulda done without that part.

35. Blog weekly - Ta-da!

36 & 37. - Get a subscription to Cooking Light and Sunset - sent in the little leaflets this morning. I love going to my mailbox and getting something cool. Card, letter, refund and magazines make the short trip worthwhile. So Yay!

46. Cook 25 new recipes - This wasn't really cooked, but what the hey.

Strawberry-Banana Vanilla Soy Smoothie

6 frozen whole strawberries
1 ripe banana
1 1/2 Cups of Light Vanilla soymilk


Makes 2 servings

Super duper easy, and sweet enough for your candy-addicted kids. Yet? The whole kit-n-kaboodle? 300 calories, 7g of fat (non saturated), 8g of fiber, & 10g of protein. It does have a lot of sugar, but the naturally accuring kind, not corn syrup.

Ok, moving on...

54. Go to the gym 6 times a month - Fail. Haven't been in 2 weeks. I'm lame. Gotta get my arse in gear.

57. Go snowboarding - Temporary fail. Was planned for last Saturday, but my boarding partner was struck down by a viral infection. So postponed until who knows when.

65. Replace the flooring - I am in the process of researching materials. I need to measure the sq footage in order to estimate out my costs. Should do that tonight.

67. Closet Organizers in every roon - I bought the ones for the girls' closets. Now I just gotta get 'em installed! Cross your fingers for this weekend.

And that's it for this week!

Have you accomplished anything you want kudos for? Let us know!

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  1. I accomplished a couple on my list too. 1) donated blood (with you, natch) 2) went to a UNR softball game (froze my ass off, but still went!) 3) told my friends (a couple of times) that I love them and I appreciate them and 4)got Todd's swingset put together. YAY ME! I am not going to tell you about the things that I failed at, since I feel so proud of myself. BTW, I Love you and I appreciate you <3