Monday, December 20, 2010

Musings, again.

I had a dream about an old friend last night. Not THAT kind of dream. It was the kind where you haven't seen them in months, even years, and suddenly you are trying to run across town with them as your sidekick. Or finish a spreadsheet at work, and they are distracting you.

(Yes, I have those dreams. Shut up.)

The last time I saw him was at a local bar. And, honestly, we are no longer friends, not like it was before when we spent so much time together. There at the bar, there was karaoke and beer. Good, but shallow, times. But I will always remember one Halloween night with him. An experience we shared that meant nothing but was striking enough to be unforgettable.

He came over to get ready for Halloween. I was already dressed in a fridged flapper dress, but he still needed help. He and his GF were going to be Ho and Pimp, respectively. Nothing like getting a call asking if he should buy the skintight purple snakeskin jeans or not for the costume. He arrived and got partially dressed. And seeing him sitting on my toilet seat without a shirt and in those pants? I felt a forbidden little thrill. What can I say, I've been into the kink.

My job was to make him a pretty as he could get - dressed as a woman. At first I was giggling uncontrollably. Here was my best guy friend with a goatee, wanting me to line his eyes and apply lipstick. But soon it sobered up in the bathroom and the light touches of gaudy eyeshadow and blush, thick eyeliner, caked on mascara and shiny red lipstick, only slightly distracted me from that fact that I was straddling his knee. It was oddly erotic. Using my beauty tools on a man was a dirty little thrill. Everytime I instructed him to look up and open his mouth, the thrill grew. Once I applied the last of the blush and finished lining his lips, it was almost imperative that I lead us back into the reality of the living room.

Helping him put on his bra and stuffing it helped disperse the latent tension. And after the hot pink wig was on his head, everything seemed right again in the world. But forgetting those brief bathroom moments will be impossible.

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