Thursday, June 24, 2010

101 in 1001 - Status Update 06/24/10

Captain's Log... heh.

So it has been 2 months since my last update. I'm still plugging along. I need to focus on making some headway with a few pending goals, like painting and closet organizers, mainly because I have purchased everything, now I just need to labor a bit.

But here are the current standings:

10 - Volunteer 100 hours. My company bought into a charity poker event for Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation. There were about 160 participants. And I was #22 when I went out. So close! I actually had a bit of a following afterwards. Strangers came up and thanked me for a good show. Pretty sweet. I played* for about 5 hours.
*and by played, I mean I yelled "I got a pair!" everytime one was dealt by the dealer, flirted with all of the guys at my table and drank.

11 - Donate to every charity that asks. Jade had a birthday request to have everyone donate $30 to The Sold Project instead of getting her a gift for her 30th b-day. So I happily oblidged.
Pee ess, Ron I need the link to your page.

19 - Send out birthday cards - on time. I sent cards to my nephew, Connor, and my mom. Still not quite making it "on-time". Got to improve that.

23 - Spend 4 weekends in Fernley. I made it out for a full day last week for a baby shower and then followed by an afternoon playing cribbage and Settlers of Catan. I am finding entire weekends are really difficult due to all of the awesome summer activites. So, I will start chalking up 1/2 weekends.

30 - Go to one local event a month. Speaking of awesome summer activities... On 5/8, The fam went to the Reno Runamuck. We had a 4 person team called Chic Geeks. We ran a 5K obstacle relay race dressed as the most adorable set of nerds you ever did see. The girls, my daughter, B, and her friend, Maya, entered the costume contest and made the finals. They got a huge "Awww!" when they came on stage. As for the actual race we came in 3rd from last. Boo-ya! In June we did 2 events. On 6/6, I went to the Reno Eurofest. Great beer but WAY too much polka. And last weekend the girls and I went to the Reno Rodeo. Mmmm...Corndogs, cotton candy, and cowboys....

33 - Go to 25 Live sporting events. Made another Aces game. Got there early enough to get a free jersey and was the first game I wanted to not end early. Warm perfect weather and great company.

34 - Read 5 new authors. I read Light A Penny Candle, by Maeve Binchy. And hated it. It was recommended by a friend. Perfect example of the variances in peoples' tastes. Because I know she'd hate The Road.

Most of these are small pieces of greater goals. But I did actually complete one goal in these last 2 months.

96 - Pay off the van. So that Salvation Army truck that plowed into me? Netted me enough money to pay off my car 2 months early. My car now has major body damage on all but one side and is even more recognizable by anyone that knows me. And I am getting more and more freelance body repair offers ("I can do it real cheap!"). But I wouldn't have it any other way.

So I am hoping to complete a few other projects, maybe this weekend. Wish me luck.

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