Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random Musings of a Sleep-Deprived Accountant

For the last 6 weeks, I think I have averaged about 6 hours of sleep a night. Not a problem, usually. I've been thru Mommy Boot Camp. I am well-versed in functioning in a partial stupor. But the last 2 nights? Only about 3-4 hours of sleep. And I totally did it to myself.

Monday night was a horror movie marathon with a pretty boy. We watched Let The Right One In, Fido and Zombieland. We are in a competition to see who can come up with the most obscure/disturbing/funny horror movie. So far? I am kicking his ass.

(Side note? If I don't get kissed soon, I may start attacking random strangers. Just sayin'.)

The next one one the list? Bad Biology. I am pretty sure this one will shame him into conceding the title forever to me. He may never be the same again. Of course, he is hanging out with me...

And then last night? I played Fallout 3 for hours. Lord, I love that game. I am 3 levels from topping out, and I still have 60% of the game left. Ha. My character is "Very Good". I think after I finish this, I will try it out being evil. I will kill everyone.
... No, I am not a sociopath.

(Side note? The Killers' Mr. Brightside? Makes me very happy when I hear it.)

(Did I also mention that my boss is gone to Paris for 2 weeks? So. Hard. To. Be Productive.)

And it has FINALLY warmed up. Last night, before the gaming, I met up with Becky and we sat out side and had some Wyder's Pear Cyder, the girliest of all beers. Hard to diss it though, because when you're hot, that shit is gewd.

As of right now, I have no plans for tonight. No, scratch that. I need to get pet food. That's it. I mean, I have chores, but I am going to blatantly ignore them. It is nice to realize that with your washer and dryer broken (my washer and dryer are broken, BTW), you can go into survival mode with your clothes. Like tha pants I am wearing this week? All recycled from last week. Sexy, eh?

(Did you know that drinking coffee can reduce chances of getting liver cancer by 41%? That's awesome, cause I torture my liver. Every. Single. Day.)

So I get my brand spanking new, high-tech, oo-la-la washer and dryer on Saturday. I might actually get a little excited about laundry. You know, for about 23 mins.

(Melissa Etheridge's I Will Never Be The Same also makes me happy. My iPod is not failing me today. I think having someone write you a song, or sing to you is one of the most romantic actions ever. Even if it is a "Homeless Joe" on the corner. Not to be confused with a "Walkaway Joe".)

But hopefully with the new equipment, it won't take me 80 mins of drying time per medium load. For some reason, to me, that sounded a little dirty. Heh heh, you said "load".

(So Dashboard Confessions has the only awesome "Jaimi" song. So much better than Ray Parker Jr's.)

So yeah, no real plans this week except to avoid all semblance of housework until maybe Sunday. Oh, wait, no, I have a softball double header Thursday night. Can I just say? This season, I have sucked less than ever before. And that is saying ALOT. No official strike outs, scored once, covering home plate better... Yeah, so let's hope I can maintain it thru Thursday night.

(Seth Rogan makes me happy. I love the funny guys. And now he's gonna be the Green Hornet? ~Le Sigh~)

And to finish, I need to relax this week. Maybe get a few more hours of sleep, soak up some more sun, and drink a few beers. Cause the girls are back on Monday and they have been wearing me out!

(Flashdance and Footloose soundtracks will forever have a special place in my heart. I always confuse "Take your passion! and Make it happen! with "Take your pants off! Make it happen!")


  1. I see you haven't stopped calling ciders "beer". Silly Americans.

  2. There will always be a special place in my heart for the Jeepers Creepers movies, and I don't even like horror movies. :)

    Congrats on the new appliances. Those do seem to make housework a little more appealing, in theory... or so some people say. I really wouldn't know. I hate housework.