Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Year Ago...A Year From Now

As stated before, I will blog upon request. This is from my coworker, A.

A year ago...

I had been at my job for a year. I had just received my first bonus and can I just say? DAMN!

Luckily, this was perfect timing, because I had also just closed and moved into my house. 3 bedroom, 2 bath palace. Dang, I love that house.

I also had just ended a long term relationship (about 9 months) and was single again. And technically, I've been single ever since, only having one relationship last longer than 4 weeks. Footloose and fancy free, that is me.

My oldest, B, had just finished 4th grade and was getting ready to be the BIG kid of The Elementary. My youngest, E, finished her first full year of school and made the transistion well. Both girls played soccer and I stepped into Soccer Mom status relatively easily.

I wore glasses and was training to complete 4 half marathons in the next 6 months.

A year from now...

I will be 2 years away from 3 weeks of vacation at work. It will also be the longest I had been at a job...ever. Ha.

My house will have had all of the flooring replaced. And the interior will have been finished being painted. Also, the occupants of the house will have doubled. Me, B, and E plus 3 pets, Raven, Harley & Tyson.

Relationship-wise, I would hope I will have settled down a bit. Although the idea of marriage still makes me twitch, I would like a sidekick... in the sack. Heh.

B may have started puberty by then. Every year this is delayed, I am happy. She will also have finished her first year in middle school, and be heading into 7th. I think I had my first taste of alcohol in the 7th grade... Thinking about this is giving me hives. E will be heading into 4th and may get her first Valentine's card with a gift. I will then take it upon myself to terrify the living hell outta that boy. Gotta stay in practice.

I will have gone on my first cruise and been on foreign land for the first time. Let's hope no one throws me overboard. I will be 35 therefore making the idea of having any more children significantly more dangerous.


As for now, I know I have been blessed. With good fortune, good healthy and happiness for me and my family. I just hope I will be as blessed next year.

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