Friday, July 2, 2010


Thank god, right?

So I woke up my youngest Thursday morning and she wanted to tell me about a dream she was having.

M - "The kids from Sonny With A Chance were there. And Zack, but not Cody. And Raven, but not my our dog, Raven."

Me - "Sounds like a lot of cool people."

M - "And I was making a bomb..."

Me - "Really? A bomb? What kind?"

M - "I was making a bomb, but you stopped me."

Me - "I'm sure I had to, sweetheart."

M - "No. I said I was making a bomb, but then you asked me a question, and stopped me talking. Now I can't remember."

And that's how I safely averted terrorism in my family. I deserve a medal. YOU ARE WELCOME.

It has been a long kinda crazy week. Monday saw me at the girly doc. I found out I get to start mammograms earlier than scheduled. Like 6 years earlier. I believe it is karma for all of the free shit I've ever gotten with these babies. The universe balances itself. Stupid universe.

And yesterday, my oldest daughter spent all day with me at work. You know how hard it is to surf the 'net with your child going, "Is that for work?" HARD.

Luckily, I get to wear jeans and tees for the next 4 days. I will be heading to Ye Ole Homestead tonight after work. Spend a day in Vegas hitting up movies and eating out. Another day celebrating the 4th. And another day driving back. That is alot of time driving. I am thinking of it as training for my cross country road trip. My ass needs the exercise.

So, I just need to survive today at work. And the driving this weekend. And the family time. Aaannndddd the Beatty Days... Man, I'm going to need a vacation from my vacation. At least I have Monday night to look forward to. Movie on the couch, maybe some wine, and smoochage. This may be the first Monday I have look forward to in years! Viva la Monday!


  1. Have a good weekend, J. Thanks for keeping the world safe from kid-manufactured bombs. :)

  2. Anytime, Ron, and Thanks. :-)