Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Dog Just Ate A Bird

Not my big dog.


My little one. Harley.

The bird was in my grapes which are kind of low to the ground. And she snuck up on it and brought it down. Which got Raven, the big one, all excited. So they fought over it. There are feathers everywhere. And little bird feet. *Gag*

This was following me watch Harley dry hump the cat. All while the cat was cleaning Harley's ears. I always knew those two were dirty, but good lord. Pet porn is so not my thing. Any animal porn. Blech. I saw a picture of a donkey show once. I will NEVER be able to unsee that. Ever.

Ever ever.

Other things I wish I could forever unsee are dying animals. Saw that this week too. Made a shitty softball double header into a Super Duper Shitty Softball Double Header, when a dog fight between a tiny terrier and a pit bull ended with a dead broken tiny terrier. Haven't had the dying animal situation too often. Few dogs hit by cars. A coyote once where a friend, Justin, had to finish it off with a rock. Poor little wild thing. Had a few pets put down. Hated every moment of each experience.

So picking up slighty chewed bird parts? Effing kill me. But at least my pets didn't die.

They are just murderers.

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