Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 New Year's Resolutions

I know most people choose to give up something negative for the year to come. This just seems like a plan doomed to failure. At least for me it is, since I have absolutely no willpower.

Seriously, I have none. I do not buy anything I can unhealthily snack on, so that when the munchies hit, I'm forced to eat carrots. The kids would love Nutella on toast in the morning, but I have found that I will finger that jar clean in about a week. So my house has no cookies, no ice cream, no cake, no brownies, no regular soda. It is a barren wasteland with no desserts.

So I decided a few years back to not tell myself, "No, you must refrain from..." Instead I tell myself, "If you like this, let's make a goal to do more of it."

So this year, I need to find something I like and do more of it.

Thing is? I have no idea what that'd be.

This is actually more of a problem than I thought. Normally, I can see what's in front of me and go for it. I have goals and goals and more goals. Ambition is not new to me. Working harder to get what I want and making sacrifices, these things are not hard for me.

But to state for others to hear, or read, that I want more of something? This is hard. This makes me cringe and feel like I am exposing myself. I would much rather just be given what I want without having to ask for it. Or I can work towards it, and achieve it.

But I can't ask you to give it to me.

So this will be my New Year's Resolution. When I find I want something, starting off as simple as passing the salt or what I'd REALLY like for a birthday present, I will practice stating my desires and needs.

See what I did there? I made it another goal. Haha.


  1. Asking for what you want can be an extremely difficult thing to do. I commend you for your ability to see what you want and go for it, sacrifices and all. Perhaps you and I need to trade a little of each others faults. I have trouble following through, but I can ask for what I need.

  2. You know what you might want to try? Think of the last time you were really having fun and then figure out what it is thats fun. For example, you might like bar hopping, but not all the time. So maybe the bar hoppingit isn't what you enjoy, but it gives you the chance to be with people which is what you DO enjoy.

    I actually figure this out a while back and started doing more coaching and training at work inside my current job AND at TNT. I think my overall life is better now because of it.